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WHITE FINALIST - Small Axe - Radical Short Film Awards - 2022 copy.png

"This is such a powerful film, hard to watch, authentic and deeply moving. A Life Inside highlights how deeply the pandemic affected pregnancy and parenthood for families around the UK."

Dr Rebecca Moore

Co Founder, Make Birth Better

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"This moving film brings home very powerfully just how distressing it was for so many women to give birth under pandemic restrictions. It will particularly resonate with women who have birth trauma as a result of that experience."

Kim Thomas

CEO, The Birth Trauma Association

"This is a powerful and impactful film which demonstrates the true reality for many of what it was like to give birth and raise a new baby in the pandemic."

Francesca Treadaway

Engagement Director, Birthrights

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A uniquely female story

Based on real women's experiences

Told by a female writer, director and producer team

With women in over 50% of all roles

in front of and behind the camera

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...I'm glad nobody got to see me become a mother

Thrilled to become a mum Carrie’s confidence is shattered when the pandemic hits. Her excitement and resilience crumble on the maternity unit floor, split apart from her partner, and forced to labour alone with Covid. Her trauma becomes entwined with lockdown and ten months on we see the lasting effects on her and her young family.

Written by a first-time mum during lockdown, A Life Inside is inspired by a tapestry of candid first hand accounts. It explores a side to the pandemic that has affected thousands of women, whilst tackling the taboos of shame and guilt surrounding motherhood. 

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Writers Statement

Becoming a first time mum at the start of the pandemic was an extremely challenging, anxiety inducing and confusing time. The more I discussed it with other new mums it became clear that the main source of their anger, pain, fear, frustration and trauma, was the isolation they experienced.

Separated from their trusted birth partners women went without pain relief, without food and water, without physical contact, without information,

Laura Lamb Headshot.jpg

Writer / Carrie

Laura Lamb


Screen credits include feature horror Siren Song, award winning shorts Fled, Around Again, Smoking Kills, TV biopic Who Wants to Live Forever (Channel 5) and numerous commercials. Stage credits include One Day on the Train (Southwark Playhouse) and Comedy News Hour (Leicester Square Theatre). Laura honed her writing skills through the Write Away workshop working with Plymouth Poet Laureate Laura Horton. She produced two playlets, Too Much Information and Perfect. This is her first film writing credit.

Nicole Headshot updated copy.jpg


Nicole Rixon


Nicole Rixon is a freelance producer/director, specialising in online branded content with a social cause at the heart. Her clients have spanned from boutique brands to global fashion brands and leading commercial enterprises. She previously worked as a video director for Stylist Magazine, a feminist publication based in London. Here she honed her directorial style, making a successful string of content. Her directorial short film debut Portrayed, has recently received official selection for Norwich film festival.

Lily Headshot updated.jpg


Lily Gee


Lily takes a concept and makes it a reality. Freelance Producer, specialising in creative production and marketable content with extensive experience in the wellbeing & healthcare sector. Clients range from small independent production companies and businesses to leading advertising agencies and brands. Having built her way up from fashion week intern to lead producer she is constantly striving to bring ideas to life through the art of production and storytelling.

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Tom Bradley


Tom graduated from a degree in Digital-Film Making at SAE Institute in 2010 and has spent the last ten years honing his skills working on a diverse range of commercials, music videos and short films. Camera credits include shorts Dawn, Good Grief, Rayless and popular Israeli web series Pini. He has also worked on commercials for brands including Jabra and Ladbrokes. Tom recently stepped into the cinematographer role for award winning short The Going.


Carrie - Laura Lamb

Mark - Tom Ashley

Midwife - Lizzie Muncey

Layla - Marnie Lamb

Executive Producer - Laura Lamb

Producer - Lily Gee

Director - Nicole Rixon

Writer - Laura Lamb

Cinematographer - Tom Bradley

Assistant Camera - Maeve Malen

                             - Adam Richards

Sound Recordist - Ben Ring

Art Director - Killian Fallon

Hair & Makeup Artist - Chloe Dixon

Production Assistant - Caroline Hajny

Sound Design - Mark Hodgkin

Colourist - Juliette Wileman

Supporting Artwork - Nick Arthur Daniel


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